Crawford Care Management

Assisting Discussions About Advance Directives

My mother’s health has declined steadily in the last year. She has been treated for cancer and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Several years ago she completed a living will, but I’m not sure it really addresses her current situation. I don’t know what kind of treatment she needs. Where can I find help?

Maneuvering through the healthcare system is never an easy task. Coupling healthcare issues with legal documentation further complicates the process. There are many forms that should be in place to ensure that your mother’s wishes are followed throughout the final chapters of her life. Those may include a document naming a healthcare surrogate, advance directives, a living will, and even organ donation documentation. The forms and their interpretation can be very confusing for the individual as well as his or her family. I encourage you to contact Broadspire to be connected with a Broadspire care manager who can help you prepare the appropriate documentation, so that your mom’s wishes will be respected.