Crawford Care Management

Finding the Best Facility

My family and my grandmother’s doctor believe that she should be placed in a nursing home. My grandmother really needs round-the-clock care, and she has accepted the move. Now we have to find the best place for her. My family is spread out across the country, and none of us has the time or the knowledge to make a choice for her. How do we evaluate and compare facilities so we are sure my grandmother is in the best place?

Selecting the best nursing home will be one of the most important tasks you complete in the last chapters of your grandmother’s life. Because a move into a facility is an enormous change you should be sure it is a move that is needed only once.

Finding the best facility will take a great deal of commitment, time and energy, or the assignment of a professional to act on your behalf. Some of the characteristics to be considered include cost and location, of course. I assume that your grandmother or family will pay the facility’s monthly fee. Medicare does not pay for extended nursing home stays, and Medicaid is only for the indigent, and therefore severely limits your choices.

Be sure that the facility’s license is current and not conditional in any way. It should have nutritional and social programs in place that meet your grandmother’s needs and interests. Turnover should be under control with low resident-to-staff ratios. The building should be equipped with appropriate safety devices including smoke detectors, working door locks, and in-room working call buttons.

A Broadspire care manager is available to complete on-site evaluations of facilities in virtually all locations in the United States. Whether you select the facility or you enlist the assistance of a care manager, it will be essential that you and your family visit your grandmother regularly to be sure that the care she receives continues to be the quality you expect. Your attention and caring will make this time in her life a continual reminder of how important she is to your family.