Crawford Care Management


  • Oftentimes the elderly will be reluctant to report abuse or exploitation if the caregiver aide is involved. The abusive person may be the only person they see regularly.
  • Inappropriate gifting is a common mistake of the aging individual. Tasks, favors, assistance of any kind are often incentive for the elderly to give money, jewelry, china, and other valuables as a sign of their gratitude. Being aware of potential exploiters can save a lot of heartache.
  • Physical appearance is an indicator of how well an individual is cared for. On unannounced visitation, the person should be clean, dressed in matching and appropriate clothing, fed, and seated in a comfortable part of the residence where they can request attention as necessary.
  • Weight loss can be a sign of abuse.
  • Be conscious of signs of skin breakdown which can lead to bedsores especially if the elder is bed bound and not being turned frequently in their bed. Note: bruises are sometimes medication related (blood thinners, for example), however make sure that the elder isn't being treated roughly or abused in any other way.
  • If you are suspicious of abuse by a caregiver, stop by without an appointment, tell the elder that they can confide in you, observe the interaction between caregiver and elder, note any discomfort or reluctance on the part of the elder. Report suspected abuse immediately.