Crawford Care Management

Activities Calendar


New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • Prepare special New Year's foods and talk about what they mean, or ask your care manager to prepare these foods for your loved ones.
  • Reminisce about the civil rights struggle by looking at books or pictures, or watching movies or television shows. 


Groundhog Day,Valentine's Day, Presidents Day

  • Make Valentines for loved ones, give a flower arrangement, make sugar-free candy, go out to lunch.
  • Look at books about Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. 


St. Patrick's Day, First Day of Spring

  • Discuss Irish heritage, get a plant with shamrocks, make sugar-free green cookies, play Celtic music, look at books with pictures of Ireland 


Easter, Passover, Earth Day, Arbor Day

  • Put on an Easter outfit and bonnet, go to church, and prepare Easter baskets with Easter eggs.
  • Go to the pet store to pet bunnies, other baby animals.
  • Have a Seder meal, arrange to go to temple.
  • Plant a tree or flowers.


Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day

  • Send flowers, especially roses.
  • Remember mothers and children with pictures.
  • Give perfume, lotion or skin care gifts.
  • Remember time spent in military service, watch patriotic movies.
  • Prepare a special meal or food from Mexico


Father's Day, Flag Day, First Day of Summer

  • Remember fathers and sons.
  • Fly the flag at home or give a flower arrangement with a flag in it.


Independence Day, Cousin's Day

  • Go to a local Fourth of July parade.
  • Arrange calls or visits from cousins.


Friendship Day, Sisters Day, Book Lovers Day, 
Women's Equality Day

  • Get creative. August is not a big holiday month, but it is important to keep seniors stimulated during this time. 


Labor Day, First Day of Fall, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipper

  • Talk about work and careers, look at picture books on careers, visit a museum.
  • Look at grandchildren's pictures, arrange calls or visits from grandkids.
  • Prepare a special meal for Rosh Hashanah, help fast for Yom Kippur, arrange to go to a temple. 


Columbus Day, Halloween

  • Discuss Italian heritage or immigration to America.
  • Carve pumpkins, dress in Halloween costumes.
  • Help give out candy at the door if the senior still lives at home. 


Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving

  • Honor veterans by taking out old uniforms, looking at medals and pictures from their years in military service.
  • Help list the things that he or she is thankful for.
  • Have a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  


Christmas, Hanukkah

  • Decorate a Christmas tree, make sugar-free baked goods, spin the dreidel, light the menorah, and participate in other holiday season activities.


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