Crawford Care Management


“I have had the pleasure of working with your Care Manager, Angie, during the past six months. When my father passed away last April, my mother’s health problems became greatly exacerbated. Unfortunately, working full-time and living over an hour from my mother, I was at a loss. When I learned of Broadspire Care Management, the first person who called was Angie. From the beginning, she was kind, considerate, helpful and offered me and my family a wide array of options.

I supervise a staff of 400 and oversee a multi-million dollar budget. I believe that excellent staff should be recognized for their dedicated and professional service to clients and the community. Angie has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist me and my family. At every turn, she has been there to deal with the many complicated and frustrating issues related to caring for an elderly parent. I want to thank you and your organization for the wonderful services provided. Most importantly, I want to extend my thanks to Angie.”


“Last year when my Aunt fell, she ended up in a rehabilitation center for a couple of months. My Uncle was just lost without her. We never knew how much she did for him. He is such a proud man, there was no way he would let us help him. The whole family was upset watching him lose weight, stop caring about his clothes and sink into an awful depression. We heard about Broadspire Care Management and it basically saved his life. Marybeth visited my Uncle one Saturday afternoon. She was helpful, kind and so sweet to him. They went together to visit my Aunt at the rehab center and from then on things got so much better. Together, he and Marybeth worked on a plan to get the house, AND my Uncle ready for her return home. It was a brilliant way to give him a purpose and a renewed optimism. We can’t thank you enough for the service you provided.”


“My Mother’s doctor told us about Broadspire Care Management Services. We thought she was doing fine in the assisted living center. Her physician was worried that the level of care wasn’t right for her anymore. Karen was the care manager that met with all of us. She was familiar with the community and had actually grown up in the next town. Her expertise was so valuable. She knew Medicare regulations, licensure law and was extremely knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s. With her help, we were able to find a wonderful home health aide to help her stay in assisted living a little longer. When we finally had no choice other than a nursing home, it was Karen who helped us through the process. From finding the right place to actually making the move, Karen was at Mom’s side. We’ll never forget her.”


“Broadspire Care Management was just the solution I was looking for. I had almost given up and was close to putting Mom in a nursing home when I found them. They were so kind and understanding. It’s been almost two years and Mom is still home with all kinds of products and services that keep her safe and happy. Broadspire was as good for me as it was for Mom!”


“I really didn’t think that Mom would let Broadspire’s Care Manager even come in the house, but when Kathleen called to make the appointment, she was so lovely. Mom was really excited about the visit. Kathleen told her it was her assignment to help her stay home and independent for as long as possible. It was a match made in heaven. Now Kathleen stops by every couple of weeks and Mom enjoys every moment with her.”


“My brother and I had tried everything. Dad became almost a hermit after Mom died. He was angry, distracted, and frustrated every time one of us called or visited. He was never a housekeeper, but he was starting to hoard everything that came into the house. He was furious when we suggested assisted living. We called Broadspire Care Management. With their help, Dad, my brother, and I agreed to a plan that included getting Dad to a physician to be sure there was no medical cause for his temperament and getting a housekeeper. Things are so much better.”